Mr C.E.O: From Struggle and Failure to Mogul in the Making

Rain is considered a blessing in most cultures. Quite befitting to grace our interview on one fine weathered late Wednesday morning. The location was Thetsane Factory yard where our guest operates a Factory outlet sales shop. As we would get to know more, this young man is the ultimate symbol of Ultrapreneurship, those people that […]

How to make money while also studying

By Mosele Radebe Studying is a full time job which does not really pay instantly however, it has lots of needs and students often struggle financially. This is where part-time jobs play a big role. Early mornings, late nights and deadlines that is what every student experience all the time so they spend most of […]

Finding Gold within the dirt

By LIPUO MOLUPE and METSING MOLUPE Tebello Mohapi: a woman who is middle aged with three kids makes a living out of salvage, she says it is not always about being employed, even trash that people think has no use is actually something that puts bread on the table for her and the family. Tebello […]

From The Editor

ED’s Note by Dupz The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We meet by chance but we become friends and business associates by choice. I remember it was one of those evenings when I got a whatsapp text from Gertty “Lipuo Molupe”. She had sent me a tweet that […]