Part of the Ultra Fam

Ultrapreneur is a team of young men and women who set off on a path to be the change they want to see. We got tired of crying and looking out to others to do things for us. We therefore created a space where we can make use of our assets and those of others to fuel our passions, so we grow together. Differences that help us build the future.

Economic Inclusion

Youth and Women have always been left out of the Economic movement, we plan to change this by showcasing the efforts they are making, and encouraging them to take active roles and initiate action and conversation on the topic.

Control the narrative

In the information age we are in, controlling the narrative is key. He who tells the story tells it to suit their needs. As the youth we continue to have our story being told by others who tell it to suit their needs. Ultra therefore tells stories of youth their way. We are disciplined to objectivity by adhering to the ethical standards of communication without frontiers. We serve the information superhighway platform.

Drivers of change

We have committed our time and effort in creating a platform which accelerates youth needs. Through adverse skill sharing we empower the local and international network, because we have come to realise the importance of skill sharing.

“skill sharing is our conspiracy to put unemployment down.”

We have employed journalistic skills of telling your stories, information technology and graphic design to tell you in text, images and videos. We conglomerate the medium and put the world in the palm of your hand and tip of your fingers. Attorneys at sharing information.