This is a Botha Bothe born and raised hip hop artist aged twenty one (21), known for making almost every type or genre found under hip hop music though I prefer the currently most liked genre being Trap. I am also an independent solo rapper, that is, I’m not under any recording company. I’m a student on the other hand at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and I’m studying a four year program of which I’m currently doing my third year, the program is called Broadcasting and Journalism.


The music impacts me in that it allows me to take some of the personal issues out through the pen and paper, sometimes these are taken out in a form of a song. Music, as a whole not just the hip hop genre, helps people when they are in their different states of being and that is one of the things which my music intents (I’m someone who likes helping other people, so this is a great result impact which music does to me).


Music if used in a proper way creates a lot of benefits for artists, as for me, being someone who loves broadcasting (which happens to be part of my course), I get a lot of practice to connect with a lot of people of different caliber, this is going to help me in the future when working as a broadcaster.

I also like meeting new people on a daily basis and music is one tool which helps me to get that, through bookings, I get to perform in different locations which most of the time I meet new people all the time, and sometimes I get to have a few connections for certain things through music. Travelling is another great benefit which I get through Music.

Music also helps me financial wise, though our country does not really recognize this type of an art, through bookings I get to make a few bucks (I could go on forever when mentioning the benefits I get because of music).


Most artists in Lesotho do music for a short period of time which one would consider as a reality escaping tool for them, as for me, immediately after completing my degree, the plan is to reside in the neighboring country and do music full time. I intend to pursue music in the future as my second major career. This is because, I believe music is not just a platform for making songs and that’s it, music can be a career if one’s got passion and patience about it. One could actually make a living out of music and that’s exactly what im planning to do in twenty nineteen from September.


Uniqueness is key in everything which one does. I make sure my music is a bit different from what other hip hop artists are doing and the marketing strategy is also of my own. The other things which helps me to get or draw fans to stick to my music is the independency issue, people don’t like artists who rely on others a lot, so I make a lot of songs alone rather than depending on features ( not that I don’t like working with other musicians, when people want to collaborate with me, I’m always available for that).

The other thing which helps me in this issue is the issue of staying relevant, divert and giving people music they can relate to at all times. Lastly, fans like people who interact with them, I do that a lot through my social media platforms.


I am very selective when it comes to places of performance. I don’t do gigs which are located or are actually held at the late night clubs, ( 440 for example). I prefer to do performances at places which I personally consider to be safe, and I also don’t perform at places which have bad reputation.


Lately, I turn a lot of gigs down because of too much school work. Sometimes I just turn a gig down when the promoter and I don’t agree on terms and conditions of the booking. Again I turn gigs down when they don’t comply with the things I mentioned when talking about the Place location, so yes, I have turned a lot of gigs down.


I would say on a scale of one to ten, I get booked at around the number seven. It all depends on the time of the year and how busy the promoters want to be at that time of the year, a lot of bookings emerge at the beginning and at the end of the year, these are the busiest times of the year.

Sometimes, I don’t really wait to get booked when there’s a gig which I feel the need to be part of, I approach the promoters and we work on a deal and I get to be part pf the show.

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  1. Shout out to Ultraprenur for the dope interview, the article is well written and no material was added without my concern

  2. Dope itervew… i gotta say some resposes are funny! but i like bru keep it up… #place selection got me thinking lot of things hahaha.

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