There was a time when linking up with friends meant physically meeting them and talking. When class discussions meant an actual conversation and interaction. When that letter from gogo was something we would get excited about and writing back was a great joy.

How quickly things change.

I recently got scared when I realised that it is said that the earth has been in existence for many hundreds of millions of years (at least if you believe that dinosaurs existed), and human history can only be traced a few thousand years, 3 thousand or so. Yet in those three thousand years we have evolved more than the dinosaurs did in their whole existence. May be evolve is a strong word that fails to catch the essence of the situation, we have changed ourselves and our world so much, we have learned more about ourselves and our environment so much and it remains to be seen what we can-not do.

Part of this change has been the way we communicate. From the time we could only converse physically to the time we moved on to land line phones (that khrrrrrrr khrrrrrrr piece of machine that you can’t find anywhere today!) to mobile phones, the internet and now almost everything can be turned into a communication device (wrist watches, rings, fridges, TV’s, everything!). We can now communicate with people from places we have never been and even new people we have never met. All this is enabled by the internet.

There are so many advantages of the internet as well as there are disadvantages. Now because of the internet and its ability to bypass borders, someone can steal your money, identity and your life in a few clicks of the mouse. Scary huh? But don’t worry, my take is there is more to celebrate about the internet than there is to scare us. All these import cars are here in the beautiful Kingdom because of the internet. We are able to communicate with the world using less effort and resources, all you need is just data and you are connected. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms ensure that alone time is spent with “others”! Now people are able to attend universities without even setting a foot there, just with an internet connected phone or computer you are able to attend classes and learn on-line. We therefore need to embrace the new tech and go on and tame the world. 

How has the internet changed your life?

How many social networks are you on and what’s your favourite?

Talk to us and share your story, we would love to hear about it.

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