By Mosele Radebe

Maseru- Talent is in abundance in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho; however few get real recognition in the music industry.  Mainly because they do not have management but they do all the work on their own. The only thing we hear is the music but the creator remains low-key.

Katiso Makhetla from Lithabaneng Ha Makhetla  also known as KayteeFresh is one of the hustling artists  who  started doing music back in 2014 with his song called “We Shining” and releasing its music video also. He specializes in hip hop but he says he gets criticism that he is not doing real Hip hop and in his defence he says he goes with people’s interest and his target audience is mainly women because the criticism comes from the guys.

He said his brand “Kayteefresh” is what he values most, for him it is not about being known in person. He wants his brand and his songs to be known all over the media either TV or Radio so he is always keeping low-key and he seems to be enjoying that. One of the well-known local artists Kommanda Obbs inspired his low-key trend because he said most people know Kommanda’s songs but few people have seen him live.

His song” love for you” sends a love message; he further stated that he does turn up which according to him can still be considered as Hip Hop just to keep his fans happy and dancing. So generally his songs are not that much on passing the message but focus more on the dance. Apparently that is how he gets booked and makes money which is his main focus in the music industry. His bookings all depends on the season sometimes per month he gets two or more paying gigs.

He collaborated with artists like Durrty F on the song “We shining”, T-Mech and Jiji F on “My bae “then he did and love for you which is still much trending. He is currently planning to produce a song with Vector from Penya Play. This enthusiastic artist says he wants to make it in life so as to be able to give back to the community so rich people like Mr Matekane inspire him to push harder so as to achieve his dreams.

He looks up to South African artists, the likes of Casper Nyovest, Dj Sbu and Dj Black Coffee. It is not easy being in the music industry and anyone who wants to pursue music needs to understand it before they barge in. So far he learned to stay relevant and focused. Being focused helps him not to chase other people’s agenda but rather he focuses on perfecting and also believing in his own music and that is how he gets followers. Most importantly, he said praying is key because he prays for his music to prosper.

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