By Nts’oareleng Koroloso

MASERU-Puseletso Ramokhethi, the vibrant, outspoken and cheerful on radio. She took time to share how she winded into the media industry. Media was never her dream; crisis at Moafrika Fm by then lured her in to media.

Puseletso Ramokhethi is a single parent of a 27 years old daughter Phomolo Ramokhethi. She was born on the 11th April 1973 in Matelile at Ha Kanono but was raised at Lekhaloaneng Maseru together with her two siblings Maleshoane Ramokhethi and Molise Ramokhethi, of which the third one passed away. They were raised by their mother ‘Ausy Tankiso Ramokhethi’. Puseletso is the last born in the family.  

Puseletso Ramokhethi reiterates on not saying anything about her father because she does not know anything about him whether he is dead or alive. Also not interested in finding him because she is old enough and had seen her mothers’ struggle while raising them until she passed away in 2013.

“It is important to see the journey that our legend has been through, from youth, to her days in media and finally to leaving it all behind to pursue her entrepreneurship dream. Lets appreciate the role they have played and give them roses while they can still smell them!”

She attended at Itekeng primary school but had to drop out in standard 4 because of the financial situation. Her sister and her husband took her in to live with them. She then attended at ‘Mahuu Primary School at Rothe constituency to finish off and passed with second class. She was married at Rothe in 1990, blessed with a daughter mentioned above in 1991 but her marriage failed in 1993. She was later married in 2005 but it also didn’t work out.

During her stay at ‘Mahuu, she was taught hairdressing work by Mrs Mathabo Manyokole who is one of her sisters relatives. The 20TH February 1994, was her turning point when she got the job at After 8 saloon which her employer was from Ghana so Speaking English became an obstacle for communication with her employees nevertheless, they loved her despite the communication problem. Being loved by the employer made her colleague who helped to translate started to hate her and because of that, she then decided to go back to school.

Puseletso Ramokhethi went to Maseru Remedial in 1998 to do form C afternoon classes, worked at the saloon during the day. She passed with second class. Her Form A, B together with form C syllabuses were covered in one year. Same thing applied to form D and E she then passed with GSE in 2000 because she repeated form E. Her certificates indicates she was a student of Royal Academy high school because they were registered there, since Maseru Remedial wasn’t registered officially.

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