By Nts’oareleng Koroloso

MASERU-A well-known female character full of hatred, fearless and selfish to name a few named ‘Makhubelu is in real life a 32 years old male Litaba Kotelo from Mphake in Quthing, a teacher in languages (Sesotho and English) at Mopeli High School. He is a second born of late Mr Molise and left with his mother Mamohale and four siblings being Mohale, Tsoere, Lisebo and Theepe Kotelo.

Litaba had always liked and master imitating teachers from Primary level and his classmates would complement him. This brought a thought that maybe he would be an actor or a comedian one day but that changed when he was in high school where by he wanted to be a radio presenter.

He is the Manager, producer and Director of Sekoele Basotho Productions. This idea of a comedy film started as a hobby aimed to entertain every age group whereby they at first used their phone to record their play but realised that it can actually be real of which he then stated buying equipment for shooting. That is when he started to look for suitable cast in his area but had to cut others along the rehearsals. The Character of ‘Makubelu was acted by a woman but she did not perform the way he wanted it to be that is when he decided to take the part provided being inspired by Tylor Perry who is an American actor who acts as a female whereas he is male.

Litaba writes the script although formality of how it should look is not the goal as long as it portrays reality ,provide for how each character should look, state the facial expressions but mostly what is helping him is that he allows each character to act the way they want to as long as he/she is in line with the scrip and that allows more reality in what they do and lastly directs while shooting. Litaba first outlined the possibility challenges to encounter in his character of being a woman and he had to practice almost every day how women talk, walk, pose and others but at the end he managed to pull it off. The first part was in issued in 2014.

His idea for the film was to do something unusual but interesting. Most of the ideas come his late father’s experiences based on what he used to tell him of how he was raised while some are from his research. In this film, he works with his siblings Mohale being Sewelo, Tsoere as Tjoli and Lisebo as Litlhokoe while the rest are his home mates. Litaba chose the name ‘Makhubelu because he wanted an unusual name and unique They are twelve in number and although it stated as a hobby, Litaba is now able to pay his cast from the money he collects from the sell outs of copies.

Litaba Kotelo went to Ts’itsong Primary School, proceeded to ‘Maseribane High School then Institute of Extra Mural Studies (IEMS) to study Mass Communication as he wanted to be a radio Presenter but he had to drop out in six Months due to financial situation. Later on, he enrolled in Lesotho Collage of Education for diploma in Secondary Education.

He wants in five years to be able to employ other people, he wants this idea of a more like series to him go international and is not willing to let go of the stated and that he loves his this country but due to lack of talent recognition in Lesotho and due to financial situation struggles to finance his idea to go big, he shall consider going for greener pastures as times goes on.

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