Its amazing to see how many Honda fits you see just by stepping outside your house, they are everywhere! But that is not actually a bad thing if you think about it, we are able to go from one place to another and keep our hustles on the go because of the four plus ones, most of which are Fit!   

But looking at what we see every day, don’t you sometimes think that the Fit is cursed? Almost every accident you see in town involves at least a Honda Fit. If its not there then it probably just caused the mayhem and made a run for it. But is it the problem of the car? Is Lesotho the only country that has Honda Fits? Is it the same situations in other countries that has Honda Fits? Is it really cursed?

The answer is that on its own, the Fit is not cursed. It is a car just like any other, in the hands of a rational driver it is a good and safe as a BMW or Audi. But what makes the difference is the person behind the wheel and how we all react to him.

Let me explain this. The person behind the wheel is a very important in this situation. Why are these guys always rushing, they make us seem like we love being on the roads and they, only them need to move and get to different places. As a result of this constant rush, they sometimes fail to do the basics and end up causing or being involved in unnecessary accidents.

The rest of the other drivers are also to blame sometimes. Let me say this clearly, some of the best drivers in the country drive these Honda Fits, but when driving and you see a Honda Fit, we all rush to block them and behave erratically “in a bid to prevent the accident this Honda Fit may cause”. In the end we all behave strangely when we see Honda Fits and this results in accidents.

So, Honda Fits are not cursed. It’s the people who cause accidents!

What do you think?

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