By Mosele Radebe

Studying is a full time job which does not really pay instantly however, it has lots of needs and students often struggle financially. This is where part-time jobs play a big role.

Early mornings, late nights and deadlines that is what every student experience all the time so they spend most of their time at school and they may wonder where they would get time for doing side jobs. Let us hear from the horse’s mouth how this is possible.

Alina Hakane (23) is a student at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology studying Honours in International Business and this is a theoretical course which requires a lot of reading and research for the assignments and exams. This means that one has to manage their time accordingly.

In spite of a demanding course that Alina enrolled in, she still finds time to do her crocheting which is now a paying hobby. She learned basics in primary did a little bit in high school then started paying more attention in 2017. That was her third year in tertiary.

She said she took crocheting as something she does when she was bored and also it was form of therapy but now she benefits financially from it when she started selling some of her produced pieces.

Juggling her school work with crocheting sounds tiring and she said it is hard to, since there is so much attention required by both school and crocheting. “I sometimes find myself crocheting in the oddest places like in a taxi on my way to school or back home. Basically I carry my wool everywhere I go”she said smiling.

Comparing to the time that she invests in crocheting, she does not make enough money but it is relatively enough to cover some of her school needs. For her to get customers she posts her pieces on her social media platforms and some of her current customers act as her agents.

She also sponsors well known models like Mojabeng Senekal, Nene Larose and others for photo shoots, pageantry and hosting. Crocheting was just a hobby to her but now she is looking forward to turn it into real business.

It is an unusual hobby for someone her age but at the end of the day she makes money out of it while also studying which is something that a lot of students do not realise. A hobby can turn into something beneficial. s

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