DJ Fresh is a popular media figure and a legend that continues to set his mark across modern urban and music and culture. He has been around for over 20 years and he is one of the best that I have listened to, if not THE best. He currently does a morning show that is on Metro FM from 5 am to 8 am together with Somizi, Mpho Maboi and Rob.

On Friday 8 September 2017 he had a guest, Phat Joe who is also a legend in TV and Radio culture in South Africa. The show was great, and as they were approaching 8 am, which is the time that the show ends, DJ Fresh made an announcement which is why this whole article exists. It went along the lines of due to the massive response the audience was giving the show, evidenced by the fact that it was trending on social media (Twitter), the show would go on for an extra hour (meaning it would surpass its 8 am mark and go up to 9 am!).

It was a very good case of businesses responding to its customers timely.

This case brings forward a few but very important questions that we need to ask ourselves as entrepreneurs or indeed as businesses. Do we have ways through which to communicate promptly with our customers or audience? If you do, do you listen? If you listen what is it that you do about it and how long does it take you to respond to them?

In our case, Metro FM and indeed The Fresh Breakfast Show has ways through which they communicate in real time with their audience; Calls, SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Being a radio show, they respond to their audience by reading out their messages on air and as stated already, most importantly they also responded by giving the audience more of what they wanted, the show.

We need to have ways through which our customers will talk to us. We must encourage them to tell us what or how they feel about our products or services. They are the ones who consume our products, and therefore, it is only fair that they be part of the decisions that influence their beloved products or services. The more they feel they were part of the building blocks of something, the more they will engage with it and encourage others to do the same. They should be able to tell us what they hate about us so that we eliminate the bad and keep the best for them, remember, they are the reason we exist! A quick caution on responding in ways the audience wants, also make sure to pay attention to what is being said. Trending may not always mean they want more of something, they may make something trend because they don’t like it or part of it. By knowing our audience or customers we will be in a great position to know what your customers are saying when they speaking to you. Always remember that if they are not talking to you, they are probably talking to someone

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