ED’s Note by Dupz

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We meet by chance but we become friends and business associates by choice. I remember it was one of those evenings when I got a whatsapp text from Gertty “Lipuo Molupe”. She had sent me a tweet that requested media professionals to embark on an online magazine. I applied and I was approved, a meeting was set and that is how I met Sam an inquisitive guy from Malawi, that was how everything began till this moment we’re having our first publication.

There’s an old proverb I’ve come to love and appreciate very much. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23).The world needs our heart to change the world, because to lose heart is to lose everything, because everything that makes a life worth living flows from the heart. Intimacy, romance, love. Adventure and meaning and purpose. Courage and sacrifice and joy. The list could go on and on. We need this wellspring of life within us if we could live and not merely “get by”(John Eldredge).

Ultrapreneur: You, lifestyle and Business. Thanks to Sam for making us uncover our infinite powers. We are the only online magazine focusing on youth empowerment in entrepreneurship,we are committed to tell stories that changes lives and unravel poverty. This platform is designed to give youth and others the opportunity to tell the untold through our creative exposure, that is why we tell it our way to make a world a better place for us, you and the entire human race.

The secret to our work is our desire. What we did with our desire is what we did with our hearts. How we handle our deepest desires is how we handle our hearts.

The life we dream of is ours to have. This magazine is intended to awaken the desire within us in the deep center of ourselves that we call our heart. We were born with it, it is never completely satisfied, and it never dies. We are often unaware of it but it is always awake…our true identity our reason for being is to be found in this desire.


Chief Editor: Metsing Molupe

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