Tebello Mohapi: a woman who is middle aged with three kids makes a living out of salvage, she says it is not always about being employed, even trash that people think has no use is actually something that puts bread on the table for her and the family.

Tebello dropped out of the University in her second year where she was doing something she didn’t like at all, her staying at home led to her being depressed, and she had to decide between suicide (which at some point she considered) and living, so chose living and to leave to Johannesburg to start her new life, that when she realized that her priorities lie with craft after doing a lot of reading.

“I realized being employed is helping somebody build their legacy”

She then realized that people from South Africa make a living out of recycling and she considered trying crafting out of trash, she then decided to come back home to try a living out of salvage, as she puts it, “one day when I went to parents meeting at my daughter’s school, I saw some women colleting disposed water bottles and I decided to join and collect with them, I thought to myself that maybe I will need them in future, Little did I know this was the genesis of my hustle. My daughter used to lose pencil cases and then I had to buy from time to time and I thought of what I can come up with that can carry her pencils. I then made her a pencil case with the same disposed bottles I collected and named it my first amaze case and she loved it, many of her friends did as well. I started making many for her school mates”

This beautiful crafter makes a lot of things out of her skills and she then decided to give her company a name ALIMO which stand for first letters of her girls names because that company is their legacy. Tebello says she has never been taught craft it all came from passion she had since her growing up, reading from books and trying out what she read and imagined. She says she believes passion is all that matters in life, everything else will follow. ALIMO says people don’t just wake up to being wealthy, they work hard for it, hence her belief in entrepreneurship and self-employment.

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