You might have hear it on radio, seen it online or saw it on TV, may you saw the hashtag #DeleteFacebook, but what is all about? does it concern you? How should you react to it? Wat steps are you to take so it doesn’t happen to you?

Well, you are in the right place at the right time. This article will take you through the important details and remove the mumble jumbo so you can understand the gist of the issue.

For starters, What happened?

Facebook is in trouble for “selling” data of its 50 million users to be used for political gain. Details of these 50 million users were used by a company called Cambridge Analytica and they sold it to people in politics in order to target their ads to the right people. It’s all modern marketing gimmicks, what we feed our profiles on these social networking sites will eventually find their way on to desks of some marketers who will use the data to their advantage.

How did it happen?

Apparently Cambridge Analytica came up with an app that came to people I the form of a quiz. You have probably answered so many of these online whether on Facebook or any other social media. Before you take these quiz tests, you will remember that they ask you to “give the app special permissions”. Most of us just click yes, yes, yes! One of these permissions was telling people that by participating, they are giving up their data, and that of their friends as well.

So, if one of your friends participated, you were hooked by association.

Who was wrong?

  1. Facebook is liable for blame as they didn’t take special care of their users, a campaign like this should be checked, stopped and pulled off their network. It seems someone flagged it at some point but all Facebook did was ask Cambridge Analytica to delete the data and no follow up was made to see if they really deleted.
  2. Cambridge Analytica must also burn. They are the ones who created the mess and there are no better words to explain this blatant exploitation of users of Facebook. They are already in heat for their transgressions, just in the past week their office was raided and someone is losing their job and the usual…
  3. Us as users. We are supposed to take special care of the information we post and share, the people and apps we let into our profiles and be mindful that in the information age that we are living in, we must guard our info with everything we can.

What’s in the future, near and distant?

The future is bleak unless we all wake up and start taking action and responsibility of our cyber footprint. We need to pay attention to what we do, say and how we behave online. This information will stay on there for very very long and at some point might come back and haunt us.

We also need to be extra vigilant with who we give permissions to. We have apps in our phones that have access to our contact lists email boxes, gallery and more. Let’s sit back and review who has access and who really needs that access. This is vital!

What steps should we take to be safe?

First review your security settings, revoke all permissions that are not relevant and make sure from now on you just don’t give access to anyone and anything.

When online and there comes a quiz or some funny pages asking you to enter and see how you would look as a woman/man or what you would look like in 50 years or so, make sure before you deep your fingers in it you know what you are giving them in return. There is no free lunch! (nothing for mahala).

Our kids are now growing, let us make sure we school them on the “ins and outs” of the social networks as well as the internet in general.

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