MASERU- Stories are told and have been told of people who had paved great moves with their lives. They call it the word of the heart and named it desire. A profound and winsome call to walk in the heart of creativity and tap in the vast network of reality. But this one is the same story with a different zing, a young girl and creative entrepreneur with a big heart. Bohlokoa Mofoti tells it like it is, changing lives with her story and those of others in her new book “Be Your Own Boss”.

Tell us your story?

My story! “yes your story“. My name is Bohlokoa Mofoti a 21years old female, I was brought up in a remote village in Ha-Sole, in Berea district. But currently I’m living in Motimposo in Maseru District. I did my primary in Ha-Sole and my High School at Lesotho High School, but I had to drop out due to incompetent results. Then went to Molapo High School to complete and to Machabeng College where I completed in May 2018, still seeking University enrollment to further my education. Currently I’m working on my book “Be your Own Boss” which will be launched on 27th October 2018.

Wow great news! Elaborate on the Book?

It is not through wisdom of mankind that we unleash our full potential, but it is through emotional and spiritual development, a distinct relationship with God. “Be your own Boss” it’s about us and things that happen around us that inhibit our progress. I had to put words to paint a picture of reality and define what reality is as opposed to the misconception we put to give excuses why we don’t flourish in life. It is high time people design the life of their dreams and stop chasing dreams they don’t wake up from.

The book comprises short stories that depict life to it’s full dreadfulness and how one can embrace life by focusing on opportunities not misfortunes. Awaken the infinite power of captivating negativity and designing the life one had only imagined of. This book is a break through to every artist to be heard as I have employed poetry, storytelling and other forms of creativity and activities to participate in it’s launch. This is to say we should start taking our creativity and life seriously and stop fidgeting on non-productive activities that leave us in depression and anxiety. Thus, the downfall of many youth in life.

Who is behind your books’ finances?

Currently there is no external funders, everything is being done by my mom, which I consider it a loan because I have to pay her back. All I did is to take a leap of faith and started writing till this moment when we’re waiting for a launch. But almost all of the organization is done by me, like finding venue for launch which is Victory Hall in Moshoeshoe II.

Where do you draw your Inspiration?

Through inspiration of my dreadful experiences I’ve become more creative than ever. I’m motivated by my experiences and those of others. I never had a chance to express myself vividly as I grew up, so writing gave me a platform to my freedom of expression. I grew up without a father and my peers used label me as “a nobody” because of my fatherless situation. I was also being bullied under this pretext “fatherless” at school which lead me to reminiscing suicidal thoughts.

All this were unknown to my mom. So I saw a gap to tell my story, our stories and peoples’ stories to change others for the better. I merged different scenarios “real life experiences” to create short stories that voice out the voiceless and disguised. Hence, the title be your own boss.

What are you trying to Achieve?

It is pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness because poverty and wealth have failed. People tend to believe that what happens to them is reality and I’m trying to wake people from that sleep, especially the youth. I’ve tried to set a platform to instill a positive mindset of responding to situations than reacting to them. I figured out the world will only become a better place if we only stop reacting to life experiences.

Most youth have given up in despair, making excuses about their situations. Many people believe they have been cheated out of success because they are not born with a silver spoon. As a result, I’m trying to awaken people that what happens to us or around us doesn’t matter, but what matters is what happens in us. Thus, we don’t have control to what happen around us or to us, though we have absolute power to what happens in us, which, is what matters.

What are your Aspirations?

I’m looking forward to empowering women and humanity to start taking themselves seriously not personally. Yet, making people known to themselves and defining the feelings that goes with their thoughts to improve their standards of living. With this book I hope to change people’s lives and imprint a positive mindset towards everyday life experiences. Nonetheless to curb individuals enthusiasm towards things that matter, than, focusing their attention on things that hurt them and hold them back from achieving real success and happiness.

The Word of the Heart.

If we do not fight for what we want, what we do not want will automatically take over. It doesn’t matter how hard we hit the ground. It’s okay to hit the ground, but what matters is how high we bounce when we hit the ground. I grew up in rural village but the decisions I made are the ones that define who I am and my fate, not circumstances and life situations. Because it’s not who we are that holds us back from achieving greatness, but what we think we are not.

It’s all in our head. Let’s start making informed choices appropriately in a given situation to design the life of our dreams, not that is triggered by our circumstances and life situations.


  1. This is really an inspiration and a motivation to us the youth. We encounter so many challenges and feel it’s the end of everything. Thank you for making us aware of how to face everything .

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