So, you managed to save up or are in the process of saving to get your own koloi so you can wave 4+1’s bye but you are not sure where to start? Don’t stress, the car guy will hook you up with the basics so you can get a ride that you will be proud of and will still be happy with it 2-3 years later.

Most people make the mistake of just “getting a car to serve me now”, what we forget is that the car is not just a simple buy like a beer that you drink now and forget, it is a scar! A scar stays on you whether you like it or not and the process of getting rid of it is always expensive and difficult.

So pay attention as I take you through the stages you need to go through before you get that koloi.

  1. Know the reason you want the car for.

Is it for just getting you from point A to B? is it for business purposes? Is it for you to show off? Yes it’s a thing! Is it for your family? Is it for your company or side hustle? There are many reasons why we get cars, it is important before starting all this tedious tasks to understand what’s your reason.

The purpose will determine what type of car you get. For example, a friend of mine got a BMW 1 Series 2006 model. It was all good when it was just him and his wife. But then a year or two later, they were blessed with kids, guess what, the one series was now impractical, it can barely take bags, let alone fit an adult comfortably in the back. So your reason to get the car will determine what car it will be.

If it’s a family car, get something with space, if its for getting you from point A to B get something fuel efficient. If its flashy you need something easy on the eye, nice big rims, excellent performance, enough horses (subject for another day), if its for business lets say you want the 4+1 hustle you need something that when it  breaks you won’t cry (we all know how the drivers do their thing), and if its for your side hustle lets say delivering merchandize then you need a bakie or a noah, something with mad space.

  • What are your financing options

Are you getting a loan, did you save up? Do you have all the money you need? All this will help you come up with a budget that will also assist in guiding you through. Don’t down play these factors, they are the differebce between getting a nice machine at an affordable price or getting an overpriced junk which you will start hating before it gets to Maseru Bridge.

  • Where do you plan to get it? Locally or from Japan/Singapore/SACCU?

This is yet another important step, where are you getting the car? Are you looking for the best bargain? Or you know where and how you will get yours? Its always important to know what you buying before you pay money for it, and for cars we are talking big money. GETTING IT IN RSA would make more sense since you will be able to see what you are buying before you actually buy it. But we all know cars from RSA are SUPER EXPENSIVE… lets stick to our budget cars!

So the next step is how to get a car from Japan… stay tuned

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