Refiloe Thoahlane who is an Afro-Pop musician well known as Chocolate Soul or Fifi is the first born of Mr Leshele and Mrs Mary Thoahlane. He was born on the 22nd May 1986 at Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital and grew up in Maseru East and Zimbabwe (1994-1999). His siblings are Fumane Bulane and Moshe Thoahlane. […]


By Nts’oareleng Koroloso MASERU-A well-known female character full of hatred, fearless and selfish to name a few named ‘Makhubelu is in real life a 32 years old male Litaba Kotelo from Mphake in Quthing, a teacher in languages (Sesotho and English) at Mopeli High School. He is a second born of late Mr Molise and […]

Mr C.E.O: From Struggle and Failure to Mogul in the Making

Rain is considered a blessing in most cultures. Quite befitting to grace our interview on one fine weathered late Wednesday morning. The location was Thetsane Factory yard where our guest operates a Factory outlet sales shop. As we would get to know more, this young man is the ultimate symbol of Ultrapreneurship, those people that […]

The Work-Life Relationship

Mark 8:36 says For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? This very intriguing question forms the background and basis of this article. To what extent do we go when we are trying hard as entrepreneurs or employee’s to get what we want? What […]

The internet and you!

There was a time when linking up with friends meant physically meeting them and talking. When class discussions meant an actual conversation and interaction. When that letter from gogo was something we would get excited about and writing back was a great joy. How quickly things change. I recently got scared when I realised that […]

Is the HONDA FIT Cursed?

Its amazing to see how many Honda fits you see just by stepping outside your house, they are everywhere! But that is not actually a bad thing if you think about it, we are able to go from one place to another and keep our hustles on the go because of the four plus ones, […]

Sepalami’s biography

Sepalami born Ts’epo Mohapi, is a Mosotho Kwaito artiste based with Quthing traditions and norms in terms of his style and language within his music. He has a decade in the music industry, Sepalami started as a House music DJ in 2009, his first show case under Kwaito music was in 2012 with his former […]


This is a Botha Bothe born and raised hip hop artist aged twenty one (21), known for making almost every type or genre found under hip hop music though I prefer the currently most liked genre being Trap. I am also an independent solo rapper, that is, I’m not under any recording company. I’m a […]


Not only is he determined, he is also a much focused Hip Hop artist with countless achievements in the Lesotho music industry. He is Lerato Leteka also known as L Tore and he gives us a bit of insight on his music career. Who is L-tore? Ltore is a hip-hop artist, producer and a father […]